sam., 22.06.2019 19:00

Simply Theatre
Genève, Casino-Théâtre (Accès, détails)
Organisateur: Casino Théâtre

Simply Theatre is Switzerland's premier English speaking performing arts training school & children's theatre producing company. Our main Academy Centres are in Geneva and Zurich. Our intent is to enrich lives and brighten futures so that our student's can be happy and reach their potential in the modern world. We do this through our professional courses that build skills, as well as our caring approach and environment that build confidence and lasting friendships. Our magical cultural productions are the icing on the cake that broaden our children's cultural experiences.

At the end of the year, all Performing Arts students will perform in a special musical ‘showcase’ for friends and family. This offers a performance opportunity in a professional setting and the chance to put into practice the skills developed over the year. This also provides the chance for parents to see some of the material students have been working on in class over the course of the year.



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